Cringe-Worthy or Amazing, explicit or mystique, Self induced or along with your loved one - Sex - in any form, is highly indulging, inducing and addicting. And why not, you cannot get away with your sexual needs and physical requirements. And in case, you are still not in touch with your body, you may want to use your own itty bitty hands to explore yourself.


Scientific research says almost all men and over 80% women masturbate on daily basis, but still sex has always been a taboo subject. Talking about sex is not too prevalent and masturbation is considered sexual promiscuity. But aren’t we all created that way naturally? So why pile up inside and not masturbate? Sex has a lot of overshadowed benefits .


If you are going through a dry-time and monsoon is turning you on, get out of those fleece pajamas and get your hands on! It is always good to romanticize yourself and give oneself a little wank!! Explore your anatomy and pleasure yourself; after all it’s always good to treat your physical self with diverse pleasure than doing it one singular way always with your partner. Even if you are all alone and want to be pleasured, don’t walk out with that documented frustration scribbled all over your face. Get your hands on and get rid of that extra luggage, make sure to arrive at work rejuvenated and deliver your best because masturbation is a clinically proven stress buster!

Masturbation is the best method for euphoric orgasm release and keeps your libido alive. For men and women who fear relationship, or are multi-orgasmic, or couples bored of regular bedroom play can also occasionally spice up their sex lives by giving each other a hand job!! No, that’s a serious thing, really! Chuck your routine playful tricks for a day and indulge in experimenting with your partner to get him/her orgasm.

Masturbation is not just limited for playing with hands or fingering, one can make it even more pleasurable with devices easily available online on webstores. So get out of your cocoon and play with yourself and make love making more passionate and steamy than ever!

It is scientifically proven that men and women who masturbate regularly build up stamina and are good on prolonged love session , they understand their body better and better control of their body to have long lasting love making. Self pleasuring keeps your system active, semen healthy , keep you from prostate cancer and even helps in healing the immune system. It increases blood flow to your pelvic part hence, keeping it healthy and relieves from cramps. So next time when your partner sulks, you know how to pleasure yourself without any risks and repercussions!!


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