Alternative COD Payment Solution

The Basics was the first U.S. based website to offer an international COD payment option in India. We take care of the international shipping, customs fees, duties, taxes and we handle the additional clearance requirements associated with COD shipments. It is a unique and custom logistic setup done in partnership with UPS and BlueDart. Due to the complexities of the cross border setup, this service incurs additional charges, billed as 'convenience fees' on top of the total value of your order. These are paid to DHL and BlueDart respectively for providing the Risk-Free convenience of International COD facility. To eliminate the risks of fraudulent COD orders, we require these fees to be paid upfront before we can process your order. This is necessary to reduce false orders and to avoid two way shipping charges that they could incur. In case you have selected a upgraded shipping option, those shipping charges are due upfront as well. We understand there are circumstances where you may not have a credit card, debit card, net banking or are unable to pay the COD fees in another form. We believe everyone should have access to high quality products, so we have come up with an innovative solution that will allow you to make payment of the COD fees on your order so we can get your order processed for you.

Alternative COD Option - What is the Process

IF you are unable to make payment using a credit card, debit card, net banking or one of our other payment options, we will send an agent to collect the fees prior to shipping out the order you placed. In order to do this, we will ship you a COD Package through Bluedart to your place which includes your invoice for the value of your COD fees on your order. Bluedart will deliver the package and they will collect the COD fees due on your order along with a flat Rs.100 or 10% of the value of your COD fees, whichever is higher. Once Bluedart has collected the fees, we will go ahead and ship out your order from our warehouse in the US. We will send you a detailed email explaining the fees that will be charged and due on the initial shipment before we proceed. All you have to do now is sit back and relax and let us take care of the rest. 

How much does it cost?

The COD payment due is calculated as 10% of your product total plus shipping charges. In addition to this being due, there is a 10% or Rs.100 fee based on the COD payment due.

For Example:

#1 If the total of your order in your cart or product total, is Rs.5000, the cod fees are 10% of the product total which is Rs.500. The amount that would be due and payable to Bluedart would be the COD fees plus the minimum Rs.100 flat fee which would come to Rs.600. So we will collect Rs600 first, apply that to your order for the COD fees, and then ship out your order from US warehouse. Upon delivery of this order, Rs5000 (the original order value) will be due, and will have to be collected by the delivery courier.

#2 If your order is Rs.15000, the cod fees of 10% would be Rs.1500 and the 10% additional fee on the COD fees would be Rs.150 which would make the amount due on the initial delivery Rs.1650. So we will collect Rs.1650 first, apply that to your order for the COD fees, and then ship out your order from US warehouse. Upon delivery of this order, Rs15000 (the original order value) will be due, and will have to be collected by the delivery courier.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us via LIVE CHAT, PHONE CALL or EMAIL.

We are here to help 10days a week, 12hours every day. We look forward to having you as a satisfied customer @ 


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