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What is the FREE Shipping Promotion ?

For a limited time only (First 10k customers) we are offering FREE International Shipping from USA to your address in India.The average retail costs of International Shipping are between Rs2000-Rs3000, so this is an excellent savings to our first time customers as well as our returning customers. This also includes our extremely high standards of customer privacy which translates into Discreet packaging, door to door tracking, reliable shipping by Fedex/DHL & BlueDart, Customs clearance by us (thats what we do) and 12x6 customer support to answer all your queries and resolve all your concerns.

The logistics involved is simple and includes streamlined ordering process, coordinating vendor deliveries and consolidating multiple order packages into single larger consignment, thereby saving on shipping costs and spreading it across the multiple orders. The downside is longer delivery time, but the benefits of FREE shipping far outweighs the delay. For our customers requiring quicker delivery we offer on extremely discounted rates - International Express (7-10days) @ Rs599, Super Express (5-7days) @ Rs3000 and Lightening Express (3-5days) @ Rs4200.

So go ahead and shop while the sun shines, or shall we say 'after the sun sets' ;)



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