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How Long will it take to receive the order?

Normally between 10-14days. However it will depend on the shipping option selected and it will depend where you shipping to where you are ordering from. The estimates are here Normally all orders are recieved and processed within  24-48 business hours. The produts are then shipped out of our US distribution center (see how it works), to the destination country/city. For customers in India, it may take between 3-5 days for the package to arrive at Indian airport and then depending how long it takes at customs (usually 1-3days) they are delivered to our India distribution partner. The Indian partner normally takes 1-2 days to deliver in Metros and 2-5 days to non Metros. So, based on this, the Rs599/- Flat Rate International Express shipping option takes an average of 10-14 days for the package to deliver to your door.


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