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About Sumit Manan - Country Manager

Hello World, I m Sumit Manan

Hello my fellow Besharam’s, I am the AOM for IMbesharam.com in India. Proud to be the youngest Besharam in our team, I am happy to be associated with IMbesharam.com, a concept which I truly believe in.

I'm proud to be associated with such a great endeavour. I spend most of my time working my ass off@Work. When I'm not working, I'm scouting out new ideas because I believe that every day is an opportunity to explore life. I am obsessed with finding different ways to have fun, no matter the situation. And I just can’t sit still. I am an extrovert and an optimist, who is open-minded and thrives on stepping out of my comfort zone in everyday situations. I am a people person, always looking to make new friends everywhere I go. I love listening to Classic Rock and EDM. On a good weekend, you'll probably find me in a night club blasting EDM with a beer in my hand and warm faces around me. I'm  fashion-conscious, love a life full of adventures and always ready for anything that life throws at me. I have three main loves: Beer, Good Times and Dogs!!!

People of India, Get Bold and Get Besharam. Trust me, you will like it! ;)  Visit IMbesharam.com and keep bumping into me. Apa Ta Ji Full Besharam. You know you are Too…